Summit Auto Holdings South Africa PTY Ltd T/A The Fury Motor Group Complaints Policy and Procedures

Purpose of this document

Summit Auto Holdings South Africa PTY Ltd T/A The Fury Motor Group is a licensed Financial Services Provider with the authority to provide financial advice and intermediary services in terms of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services act,37 of 2002.(FAIS).One of our obligations according to this act, is to implement a formal complaints resolution policy and procedure.

Definition of a complaint

A compliant can be defined as an event where you are of the opinion that we or any of our representatives provided the client with financial advice or any other intermediary services and the client feels:

Our Obligations

Obligations of our Representatives

Procedure when submitting a complaint

Complaint has to be in writing

In order for a complaint to receive the attention it deserves, we request that your complaint is submitted to us in writing. Please ensure, that where the complaint is, delivered, by hand or by any other means, that you retain proof of delivery.

All complaints need to be addressed to:

Complaint has to be relevant

The Financial Services environment is complex. We will endeavor to address all reasonable requests from our clients, but may also refer you to a more appropriate facility. Where the complaint pertains to any aspect of our service, or any disclosures that ought to be, made by us, we will endeavor to address those complaints in writing, within seven working days.

In instances where the complaint pertains to something not within our control, such as product information or investment performance we will forward the complaint to the product provider concerned.

Conditions applicable to Ombudsman complaints

Determination by the Ombudsman and its legal status

The following is a step - by - step guideline of how a complaint will be, dealt with once received by us:

  1. The complaint will be lodged in our central complaint register on the same day that it is made and confirmation of receipt forwarded to you.
  2. The complaint is immediately, brought to the attention of the Group Risk and Credit Manager for allocation to a trained and skilled person who specializes in that type of complaint. We will endeavor to acknowledge receipt within 7 working days and possibly ask for additional information.
  3. The complaint will be investigated, and we will revert to you with our findings within Three weeks.
  4. In the event that the outcome is not favorable to you,we will supply you,in writing,with the reasons.
  5. The compliant may be referred to our compliance officer for additional advice.
  6. If, after having referred the complaint to the Group Risk and Credit Manager, you are still not satisfied with the outcome, we will regard the complaint as being unsatisfactorily resolved. In such a case, you may approach the office of the OMBUD for Financial Services Providers or take such other steps as may be advised by your legal representatives. The referral to the office of the OMBUD; must be done in accordance with the Provisions of Section 21 of the FAIS Act and the rules promulgated in terms of that section.
  7. In instances where we have not been able to arrive at a solution within six weeks after you have lodged your complaint, the matter may, automatically be referred to the OMBUD.
  8. You must, if you wish to refer the matter to the OMBUD, do so within a period of six months. The OMBUD will not adjudicate in matters exceeding a value of R800 000.
  9. The OMBUD - Ms. Noluntu Bam, may be contacted at her offices in Pretoria, at the following address: