The Fury Motor Group Are committed To Treating Our Customers Fairly

Group Policy

The Fury Motor Group FSP 24312 is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, we are committed to offering exceptional customer satisfaction. We acknowledge that both our company and are our customers have everything to gain, if we, lookafter your best interests and treat you fairly, in every aspect of our dealings with you.


We are proud to support the Financial Services Board with the initiative, ‘Treating Customers Fairly’ to ensure that we consistently deliver fair outcomes to our customers based on a culture of honesty and transparency.

Our mission is to ensure that we continually deliver on our promises in terms of compliance with the TCF Policy principals and procedures as they form part of our daily objectives when rendering services within our scope of products to customers.


The Legislated TCF Policy consists of six fairness outcomes:

Outcome 1

Consumers can be confident that they are dealing with firms where the fair treatment of customers is central to the corporate philosophy


Outcome 2

Products and services marketed and sold in the retail market are designed to meet the needs of identified consumer groups and are targeted accordingly


Outcome 3

Consumers are provided with clear information and kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale

Outcome 4

Where consumers receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes account of their circumstances


Outcome 5

Consumers are provided with products that perform as firms have led them to expect, and the associated service is of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect


Outcome 6

Consumers do not face unreasonable post-sale barriers imposed by firms to change product, switch provider, submit a claim or make a complaint

The Fury Motor Group have a TCF Policy strategy in place to maintain the above six fairness outcomes.

With this in mind we would like to inform our customers of a few examples of our procedures that we have in place:


✔ The Fury Motor Group conducts its business operations in line with the FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act) and other subordinate legislation expectations, therefore, we are proud of our company’s ethos which is centred upon integrity and professionalism, therefore, The Fury Motor Group will not induce, mislead or misrepresent the customer in any way regarding our marketing, products or services.

✔ The Fury Motor Group have an internal procedure manual in place which has been endorsed to ensure that all TCF methods and procedures are achieved, to ensure that the customer receives fair treatment.

✔ The Fury Motor Group will render suitable and proper advice to ensure that customers are provided with adequate information about their financial product as this would assist the customer to make an informed decision.

✔ The Fury Motor Group have a hands-on approach when dealing with customers’ requests whether it is making a change, receiving a claim, handling a complaint or any other business-related matter.

✔ Our internal processes are streamlined effectively to handle any matter in a fair, prompt and competent manner, this approach will not leave our customers feeling frustrated by unreasonable post-sale barriers.

✔ In order to k iate advice and intermediary services The Fury Motor Group will ensure that continual training is accomplished within the areas of advice, intermediary services, suppliers and products..

✔ At any stage where there is a supplier, product or policy change The Fury Motor Group will notify the customer accordingly and within 15 days of the said change.

✔ The Fury Motor Group is fit and proper, the majority of representatives have obtained a diploma, degree or certificate appropriate to the Financial Services. Those that do not have a required qualification are working consistently to achieve the desired outcome.

✔ Our staff will receive annual training on the TCF Policy and TCF expectations. Staff performances are continually measured and evaluated against TCF’s objectives. Our staff are committed to high standards of service therefore their employment contracts include such agreements regarding TCF, FAIS and other subordinate legislation.

✔ The Fury Motor Group welcomes staff feedback on services and procedures.

✔ The Fury Motor Group is proud to deal with authorised reputable insurer/s. The Fury Motor Group has detailed mandates in place with each and every supplier to secure understandings and responsibilities within an authorised agreement.

✔ The Fury Motor Group’s Conflict of Interest Policy has been adopted and maintained by ourselves which complies with the procedures prescribed in the Company Act of 61 of 1973. Our staff are not remunerated or incentivised in way which would encourage them to deal with customers in an unfair or biased manner.

✔ Our Complaints Policy is clear, understandable and readily available in the interest of the client. The approach is fair, consistent and in line with compliancy in terms of the FAIS Act. The Fury Motor Group recognises any need for enhancement therefore we have set in place a measurement process to scrutinise all complaints to identify any areas of concern:

We investigate the crux of the complaints to obtain feedback from customers who have experienced our level of service and claims process.

We measure the duration of the time taken to resolve a complaint, the outcome and the overall communication with the customer with the intention of ensuring that we are treating our customers fairly.

Our measurement process allows us to identify areas that have affected other customers therefore we have the knowledge to improve our service standards in line with customers’ satisfaction.

✔ In terms of treating customers fairly The Fury Motor Group will always investigate before contracting with a third party by considering their TCF policy procedures and management information to establish that our customers will in fact receive fair treatment.

✔ The Fury Motor Group will always encourage communication with our product suppliers to ensure we understand their products and services.

✔ The Fury Motor Group openly welcomes any feedback from customers on our products and services rendered.

✔ The Fury Motor Group will review our TCF Policy on an ad hoc basis but at least annually.

In achieving the above examples of fairness outcomes The Fury Motor Group will be able to disclose to customers that through our procedures and monitoring processes we are in fact continually treating customers fairly and consistently.

In terms of the TCF Policy, The Fury Motor Group is guided by the policies and procedures of the Insurer/s that it services.These policies include the following TCF outcomes in terms of procedures and expectations:


Product and Service Design


Products and services, as well as distribution strategies, are designed and developed for specific target markets established on a clear understanding of the expected needs and financial capability of each customer group. Furthermore, products and services are continually monitored to assess the ongoing suitability for the customer.

Promotion and Marketing

Products are marketed to specific target groups through clear and fair communications that are not misleading and are appropriate to the target group.


Where advice is provided advisors are fully equipped to provide advice that is suitable to the needs of the customer concerned following the objectives of TCF and avoiding conflicts of interest.

Point-Of- Sale

To provide clear and fair information to enable customers to make informed decisions about transacting with products and services. It is important that product risks, commitments, limitations and charges are transparent.

Information After Point-of- Sale

To provide customers with ongoing relevant information to enable them to monitor whether the product or service continues to meet their needs and expectations and provide acceptable levels of service for post-sale transactions or enquires.

In conclusion to our commitment to our customers

Profusion as a regulated entity will honour our TCF Policy, the FAIS General Code of Conduct and any other subordinate legislation in all dealings with our customers, within the framework of our authorisation and we hereby declare that we will:

  • Act honestly, fairly and professionally in the best interests of its customers and the integrity of the market.

  • Act with due skill, care and diligence in the best interest of its customers.

  • Does not recklessly, negligently or deliberately mislead a customer as to the real or perceived advantages or disadvantages of any product or service.

  • Has and employs effectively the resources and procedures, systems and control checks that are necessary for compliance with this Code.

  • Seeks from its customers information relevant to the product or service requested.

  • Makes full disclosure of all relevant material information, including all charges, in a way that seeks to inform the customer.

  • Seeks to avoid conflicts of interest.

  • Corrects errors and handles complaints speedily, efficiently and fairly.

  • Does not exert undue pressure and undue influence on a customer.

  • Ensures that any outsourced activity complies with the requirements of this Code.

  • Without prejudice to the pursuit of its legitimate commercial aims, does not, through its policies, procedures, or working practices, prevent access to basic financial services; and

  • Complies with the letter and the spirit of this CODE.