Retina Ride For Sight

Retina South Africa is a patient-driven action group that has branches in all the major centres in South Africa. Our major focus is:

  • Support of the Retinal Degeneration Research project at the University of Cape Town to find the genetic mutations in South African families
  • Facilitation of genetic testing to identify those patients who will benefit from clinical trials and imminent therapy
  • Public awareness of retinal degeneration
  • Patient support including education, referral and intervention
  • Collaboration with local and international agencies and researchers
  • Fundraising to support this work

Each year Fury Motor Group support the Retina Ride For Sight cycle race by providing lead vehicles for the marshals to ensure the safety of the riders. We also had some of our staff and guests compete. Lots of fun at a really worthy event!

Retina has been a community assistance partner to the Fury Motor Group for a number of years and has become an integral part of our Community Assistance Program.