5 Reasons to keep your car in good nick before the holiday season

With the holiday season around the corner, roads will be busier than usual as families get together or even getaway for a well deserved holiday. Before you leave, though there are a few things to take into consideration before embarking on your journey.

To ensure that your family arrives safely at your destination, here are a few reasons why it is important to service your vehicle before the upcoming holidays.

1. Safety

The main reason for servicing your vehicle is to increase safety on the road. Statistics show that one of the leading causes of road accidents are due to poorly maintained cars that are not deemed roadworthy. There has been a worrying trend as the number of deaths associated with cars every year has kept on increasing. By 23 December of 2019, there have already been 489 crashes leading to 589 deaths during the festive season. A majority of these deaths and injuries are caused by small faults that could have been rectified.

Of the main causes due to poor maintenance include faulty brakes, brake lights, headlights, defective indicators and worn-out tyres. When taking your car in for a service, a workshop will carry out necessary checks to ensure that you are safe and that your vehicle is deemed roadworthy. You also don’t want to get pulled over by traffic police and get fined due to a minor defect that could have been prevented by a proper vehicle service.

2. Fuel Efficiency

When taking the family on a trip to enjoy the festive season, whether it be to visit family or to dip your toes in Durban’s famous beaches or to experience South Africa’s beautiful wild parks, such trips can become costly. Especially after the hard lockdown earlier this year, every cent counts.

Did you know that by servicing your vehicle you can cut down on travel costs? Servicing your car will decrease your fuel consumption which decreases the need to stop at the next petrol station to fill up. This not only saves you money but also saves you time as the roads are busy during this time of year and could waste up to half an hour to fill up.

When taking your vehicle for a service, ensure that they check your spark plugs and replace them if necessary. They should also check your oil levels and filters to ensure that everything flows smoothly to improve your mileage. Workshops should give you a rundown of all parts serviced or replaced to ensure that your vehicle got a proper service.

3. Prevent Breakdowns and Malfunction

Breaking down and having to wait on the side of the road for hours for assistance is not only a big inconvenience that wastes a lot of time, but it is also very dangerous and you do not want to put your family in that position.

According to the Automobile Association of South Africa (AA), some of the main reasons why South Africans experience breakdowns are due to faulty batteries, worn-out clutch, faulty spark plugs, faults in your electrical system and transmission issues. All of these issues can be prevented by just taking your car in for a proper service. You should also pay attention to the emergency lights on your dashboard as they can warn you of a potential breakdown. If you are not sure what your emergency lights mean, contact your dealership immediately.

In case you experience a breakdown during the festive season, ensure that you turn on your hazard lights and pull off to the left side of the road, preferably on a clearing where you are completely off of the road and where your car is visible to other vehicles on the road. Ensure that your hazard lights remain on and place your warning/reflective triangle where it is visible to warn other drivers of a breakdown or crash ahead. Call South Africa’s toll-free emergency services 112 for emergency assistance.

However, by servicing your vehicle before you commence with your journey ought to prevent such breakdowns.

4. Prolong Your Vehicle’s Life and Performance

    Over time, general wear and tear can reduce your car’s performance. This is more prevalent when hitting the road and making long trips that last hours or even full days. It is especially important to service your car before hitting the road for the holiday season to decrease internal wear and increase dependability and overall vehicle performance. This also decreases stress on your car and prolongs its life expectancy.

    Regular car maintenance, especially before a long-distance journey, ensures that your car performs better on the open road leading to better tire traction, more stable steering, and more reliable engine starts. Fluids, internal mechanics and oil are the main parts that increase your car’s performance and thus should be checked regularly. They also prevent future breakdowns and malfunctioning internal operations. You don’t want to enter the new year with a big bill on repairs that could have been avoided by a proper service of your vehicle from a trusted dealership.

    5. Saves You Time and Money

      All of the above-mentioned reasons to service your car before the holiday also come down to cost. At the end of the day, servicing your car will save you a pretty penny as underlying issues are discovered and can be taken care of before malfunctions occur leading to a hefty price tag on repairs.

      Family trips and holidays in and of itself can be costly and you don’t want your vehicle to delve into your savings or result in you being in debt because you failed to see the importance of servicing your car before the holiday season.

      Did you know that some insurances may refuse to pay out on repairs if you haven’t serviced your vehicle regularly? It is generally a good idea to service your vehicle every 15 000 km to 20 000 km or before embarking on a long journey. At the end of the day, a proper service will cost less than having to repair or replace engine parts.

      Where should I take my vehicle to get serviced?

      When taking your vehicle for a service make sure that you go to a trusted and approved dealership that uses authentic parts for your specific vehicle. Using independent garages could end up costing more in the long run as they may use off-brand or cheaper parts that are just not made to outperform or outlast genuine car parts.

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