7 Car Maintenance Jobs You Really Shouldn’t Do At Home

Car enthusiasts usually like getting their hands dirty and doing maintenance on their vehicles. Granted, basic tasks like changing the oil and air filters are perfect for amateur at-home mechanics looking to get close to their car’s engine. These kinds of jobs are straightforward and don’t require too many specialised tools.

There are, however, plenty of maintenance jobs that are definitely better left to a professional mechanic. Whether they require expert knowledge or simply the right tools for the job, these are the tasks the amateur mechanic probably can’t – and definitely shouldn’t – try at home.

In this article, we highlight a few of the jobs you should rather leave for your dealership’s workshop to look at and why.

1. Transmission Repair

The transmission is the true heart of your car. As such, it requires delicate and precise care to ensure your vehicle will continue to run smoothly. After thousands of kilometers and, if subjected to less-than-perfect upkeep, your transmission might develop internal problems – like grinding gears – that may require re-machining or total rebuilding altogether.

If inexperienced hands make a mistake, it could end up costing you a lot more than you initially thought.

2. Brake Rotors


While the most commonly repaired part of your braking system – the pads – is a relatively easy fix for the home mechanic, the rotors are not quite so simple.


What are brake rotors? They are metal discs to which your brake pads make contact to slow the vehicle. Over time, they become dusty and worn. When this happens, you may need to re-machine or replace the rotors.


This task should be done by professionals as it requires complex, niche tools to measure thickness and systems to flush and replace brake fluid as need be. Brake rotors play a crucial role in the safety and reliability of your car. Keeping them in top shape is in your best interest!

3. Electrical Work


Whether it’s a problem with your battery system or simply the lights throughout your vehicle, no one is better suited to figure out the problem and fix it safely and correctly quite like a skilled electrician or mechanic.


Crossing the wrong wires could potentially end up frying important parts of your car and lead to even more repair work than you bargained for. A professional can easily and efficiently assess what needs to be done and complete the job safely, without causing further damage to your vehicle.

4. Wheel Alignment


Fitting a new wheel on a car is not all that difficult and anyone who owns a car should at least, in theory, know how to do this, because flat tyres are part of driving.


Wheel alignment is, however, an important part of the process. It requires very specialised machines and a knowledgeable operator to get the job done properly. If you neglect your wheel alignment, you’ll not only get frustrated with having to readjust the steering wheel the whole time, but your tyres will wear much sooner than they ought to.

5. Windshield Replacement


A car’s windshield is a driver’s primary protection from dangers on the road. Not only does a windshield need to be strong to prevent damage or injury to the driver, but it has to be properly fitted and installed to ensure the windshield itself won’t cause any problems down the road.


Fortunately, windshield replacement is a relatively easy and inexpensive job, even when one by a professional with the right tools and know-how for your vehicle. This is one where going for help from the pros is not only the safer and smarter option but well worth your money for the time and frustration.

Where To Bring Your Car For Repairs

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