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New Mustang Introducing the New Mustang
PERFORMANCE Unique Chassis Tuning
INTERIOR Leather wrapped park brake
AUDIO SYNC® 3 connectivity


Ford presents you with a vehicle that is luxurious and exhilarating. The Mustang is a vehicle that combines a variety of elements, creating an overall unforgettable experience.

Go anywhere in a flash

The Mustang provides you with a choice of a 5.0 or a 2.3 litre EcoBoost engine. Both of these expertly made machines create fantastic horsepower that will send you cruising down the streets. Use the paddle shifters to control the 6-speed SelectShift. The thrill of the drive and all of the control is in your hands and easily accessible. The Mustang also comes with Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS). This feature gives the driver ultimate control to smoothly manoeuvre the vehicle across any road in any weather condition.

Attention to detail

So much detail has been put into the design of the Mustang. The exterior is designed in an athletic way, accommodating the speeds that the engine produces. The Mustang has an extremely popular look, and it has been constantly evolved and taken to the next level. The edges and lines are sharp. The frame is sleek and low. All of this combined creates a memorable exterior. The interior is fresh and will give you a breath-taking feeling no vehicle ever has. The interior is also comfortable and spacious. It comes with an array of features to improve performance and enhance entertainment.

Safe and sound

The Mustang includes many safety features that will give drivers peace of mind. ABS and EBD give you more control when breaking. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control System (TCS) are in place to keep your vehicle on track and fully stabilised. You cannot go wrong with the Mustang.

This is a vehicle that is a must-have. Book a test drive today.

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Model Range


    5.0 GT Series 10AT Fastback

    From R1,045,200 (incl. VAT)

    5.0 GT Series 10AT Convertible

    From R1,115,900 (incl. VAT)

    Mach 5.0 GT Fastback 6MT

    From R1,133,100 (incl. VAT)

    Mach 5.0 GT Fastback 6aT

    From R1,154,800 (incl. VAT)