Priced from R920,200

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Ranger Raptor Introducing the Ranger Raptor
A True Performance Off-Road Truck
100% uniquely designed
South Africa’s First Ever Factory-Built Truck.

The Ford Ranger Raptor

The all-new new Ford Ranger Raptor is a car that is bound to surprise you with its performance-based design.

Zero compromises on style

A high clearance accentuates the bold front-end of the Ranger Raptor, ensuring it radiates confidence and strength wherever you drive. The sleek headlights are added to emphasise an assertive air as well as enhance visibility in low light environments. Easy access doors give the Ranger Raptor a sense of convenience you won’t find in other bakkies.

Model Range


    2.0 Bi Turbo Double Cab Ranger Raptor 10AT 4x4 HR

    Starting Price: R920,300 (incl. VAT)

    Special Edition 2.0 Bi Turbo Double Cab Ranger Raptor 10AT 4x4

    Starting Price: R965,300 (incl. VAT)

    Drive without a worry

    Convenience is a given with the modern systems accompanying the Ranger Raptor’s design. Adaptive cruise control has been fitted and works together with lane keeping assist to make reaction times shorter and driving more relaxing.

    The future is here, and it’s luxurious

    Chrome accents throughout the Ranger Raptor’s dashboard are representative of the very best that modern design has to offer. This works in combination with a luxurious leather-lined stylised interior that gives a whole new meaning to first-class. An ergonomically designed steering wheel offers you access to all your media without ever taking your eyes off the road.

    Give us a call or leave a message online to book a test drive in the exciting Ford Ranger Raptor today.