Buying a car in the time of social distancing and viral infections

The past couple of months have changed the way we experience the world. It has become normal to rather stay home and only go out when looking to buy the most essential items from your local store.

Other than that, the nationwide lockdown is having very real financial consequences on the lives of everyday people. Most are unable to work during this period, meaning that they are not earning an income. Others have lost their jobs entirely and are uncertain about where they will find employment during these trying times.

One of the most basic modes of transport in South Africa is by personal cars. Of course, one’s need for a reliable car doesn’t go away during this strange time the world is in. You still need to drive, even though it might not be as often as usual.

How can you then go about purchasing a car when you are encouraged to stay home? Even more concerning, how must you be in a position to purchase a car if you the world is facing financial hardship and capital is harder to come by?

We’ve listed two major ways in which you can still purchase a car, despite the concerns we have outlined above.



1. Using technology to create digital showrooms

With regards to the first problem, that people are being encouraged to stay at home, the challenge arises of figuring out how people are to view their potential new cars if they are discouraged from physically going to dealerships.

Thanks to the abundance of new and innovative technology, car dealerships are able to create online showrooms. These virtual showrooms give you the ability to hunt for your next car right from the comfort of your own home. All you need is a computer or smartphone and an internet connection.

At Fury William Nicol, we are using a virtual showroom created by Ford that clients can “visit” to view all the latest Ford vehicles that they might be interested in buying. The showroom offers a 360-degree look at the available vehicles, so clients get an immersive experience of the car that they are viewing. We recognise that nothing beats the real feel of a new car. But for the time being, we need to make the best of the current situation and online showrooms do just that.



2. Subsidized vehicle repayments 

The second challenge relates to financial constraints that are leading to clients not having as much capital available as they usually would have. As such, people might be looking to buy a car that they really want (and need) but its normal instalments would simply be too high under the current circumstances for them to go through with the purchases. 

An alternative is available. It comes in the form of subsidized vehicle repayments. With this relief package, those looking to buy a car can pay less money back per month for a limited period of time. This way, if a client’s income has been affected, they can still go ahead and buy the car they have been looking at for a while. The subsidized period will offer them some breathing space, where after the instalment will be adjusted back to its normal pricing level. 

At Fury William Nicol, we’re offering subsidized vehicle repayment plans as mentioned above. With these plans, we’ll cover 50% of your instalments over a maximum period of 12 months. So for one year, you can free up a bit of financial commitment and get the car you need to stay on the road. Our subsidized plans are available on selected new and used vehicles.

Why choose us?

By making use of virtual showrooms and offering subsidized vehicle repayment plans we are trying to make it possible for you to own the car of your dreams, even if the world is finding herself in strange and precarious situations. Despite these uncertain times, we want to assure you that Fury William Nicol remains an approved Ford dealership that you can count on.

Our commitment to you is that you WILL be satisfied when doing business with us.