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At Fury Haval Woodmead we want to ensure that you feel satisfied when buying a new vehicle. Whether you’re thinking about purchasing a single cab, double cab or SUV, we have you covered. From the Haval H1 to the Steed 5 Double Cab, you simply cannot go wrong with the awesome vehicles from GWM and Haval.

Nothing but quality

When purchasing a new vehicle from us, amazing quality will always come standard. The customer is the number one priority, which is why we strive to deliver vehicles with great performance, design and fair pricing. Fury Haval & GWM has put in all the work to offer fantastic new vehicles.

One click away

Finding out more about our new vehicles is quick and easy. On our website you have straightforward access to view a list of all of our vehicles. Details, specifications and pricing are all available right here. Making a choice and getting to know everything we have to offer is simple and convenient.

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