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SAFETY All Terrain Control System
PERFORMANCE 180KW Power | 350Nm Torque
COMFORT Flexible Seat Combination

Haval H9

Top of the range

Do not take no for an answer with the H9. At the top of the food chain in Haval vehicles, you are sure to experience the powerful technology combined with this spectacular design. Boasting Haval’s most powerful 2 litre turbocharged engine, the H9 delivers an extravagant 180kW of power (at 5500RPM) and a stomach-twisting 350Nm of torque all the way from 1800 through to 4500RPM for acceleration power to impress. This raw 4WD power is harnessed with help from the extensive smart electronic tools, including but not limited to settings calibrated for Sport, Sand, Snow and Mud.

All the extras and more

Never limit yourself, with a full seven-seater capacity that can be electronically converted to pure loading space at the push of a button. Cater to individual needs with all-round airbags, three-zone air-conditioning and an extensive compartmentalised infotainment system that targets specific seats with surround sound and large double screens for the back row. Front row seats have leg support and a massage function for maximum comfort while the chrome-plated front grille, xenon and LED headlight combination as well as overall stylish design will make you and your passengers feel like a million bucks.

The epitome of style

Go higher and go further with the range-topping Haval H9.