One of Honda’s most efficient and unparalleled vehicles is back and better than ever. The new Honda Jazz is here, with brand-new additions and innovative improvements.

Music to your ears

There is no better sound than hearing the Jazz’s 16V i-VTEC engine perform. Driving has never looked or felt better. Honda brings back a sense of energy and enjoyment into driving. With a maximum speed of 174km per hour and well-designed alloy tyres, there will be nothing but smooth sailing on the streets.

Next level

The advanced technology on display is nothing short of convenient. A multi-informational display has been included. This screen displays and contains information, radio, Bluetooth and more. Comfort is vital to any driving experience as well. The spacious interior will leave you feeling relaxed. Honda Magic seats, which are expertly designed seats exclusive to Honda, add to the overall comfort. Combining the new technology and comfort creates a vehicle that you will never want to exit.

Looking good

The Honda Jazz looks just as good as it performs. The vehicle starts out with a wide, strong rear, that slowly moulds inwards as it gets to the front. This gives the vehicle both a sporty and durable design. This adds to the Jazz’s unique flavour, making the vehicle immediately recognisable.

Performance, design, comfort and technology have all been taken to the next level. Jazz up your driving experience by booking a test drive.

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