Priced from R198,400

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Amaze Introducing the Amaze
Technology Multi-function steering wheel with voice control and paddle shift.
Performance 1.2l i-VTEC engine
Storage Designed with your family’s needs in mind, with loads of boot space.

Honda Amaze

Introducing the Amaze - a vehicle that looks and feels great. New additions and improvements have been made to create the ultimate driving experience.

Sit back and enjoy

At Honda, we strive to deliver an experience that is relaxing and stress-free. Going on a family vacation and transporting a variety of goods has never been easier. The generous boot space will leave you with sufficient space and the comfortable seats create relaxation for any journey. The technology has also been improved. New voice control and paddle shift allow for smoother screen navigation and speed transitions.

Hit the streets

Performance is key, which is why the Amaze has you covered. Choosing the manual or the CVT model will provide you with an impressive 1.2 litre i-VTEC engine. By reaching 100km in less than 15 seconds and achieving a maximum speed of 160km/h, the Amaze delivers in power and velocity.

Fantastic form

The Amaze’s sleek and bold exterior design will make you stand out on the road. Coming in a variety of glossy colours, the Amaze looks smooth and clean. We have created a vehicle that has a simple, yet effective design that is easy on the eyes. The fresh interior creates a luxurious new style. Inside and out, the Amaze has been beautifully constructed for you.

Honda has created a vehicle that can Amaze anybody. Book a test drive to experience it yourself.

Model Range

    Amaze 1.2 Trend Manual R198,400
    Amaze 1.2 Comfort Manual R222,600
    Amaze 1.2 Comfort CVT R239,800