Civic Sedan

Priced from R410,000

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Comfort Ergonomically shaped front seats, and enhanced legroom in the back
Performance 127kW VTEC turbo engine
Technology Touchscreen display and voice control functions

Honda Civic Sedan

The Civic Sedan manages to up the game in every possible way. Driving has never felt or looked better.

Technically speaking

The Civic Sedan's technology ensures convenience and will impress anybody. Making calls, using GPS and music can all be accessed via voice control, keeping your focus on the road. The touchscreen display works like a dream. Never before has it been so easy to navigate a display. The new technology adds to the safety of the Civic Sedan. Various driver-assist features, like the Honda-exclusive LaneWatch, have been installed. LaneWatch adds an extra pair of eyes on the road. Cameras on the side-mirrors are in place to keep you aware of your surroundings and blind spot so that nothing takes you by surprise.

Always moving forward

The Civic Sedan’s engine has been perfectly built for this light-weight vehicle to send it soaring across the road. The 127kW VTEC turbo engine does not only provide power and speed. It also incorporates Honda’s Earth Dreams Technology. This technology makes the engine more fuel-efficient, without compromising on smoothness and strength.

The ins and outs

The interior and exterior of the Civic Sedan are both fantastic. The interior can easily adjust to create more space to fulfil any packing needs. The front seats have been created ergonomically, maximising comfort for the driver or passenger on any long trip. Amazing legroom, armrests and great air-conditioning all add to the luxurious feel. The exterior has been shaped in an athletic way with sharp lines to aid in the overall speed and performance.

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Model Range

    Civic Sedan 1.8 Comfort CVT R410,000
    Civic Sedan 1.8 Elegance CVT R459,500
    Civic Sedan 1.5T Sport CVT R533,900
    Civic Sedan 1.5T Executive CVT R570,900