Civic Type R

Priced from R771,600

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Exterior Functional, aerodynamic design
Safety Vehicle Stability Assist unit for more responsive and safer handling.
Performance 2.0l VTEC DOHC 16V direct injection engine.

Honda Civic Type R

Unleash your true potential with the new Civic Type R. Every moment in this vehicle is a moment to remember.

Performance is in the bloodline

The Civic Type R is a vehicle that breaks down boundaries when it comes to performance. The vehicle is built for the track and dominates the roads. High speed is the name of the game when it comes to the Civic Type R. The turbocharged 2.0 litre VTEC GOHC 16V direct injection engine will not hold back its raw power. The vehicle comes with three driving modes, namely: Comfort, Sport and +R mode. These features ensure that you can have both comfort and efficiency or unchained power at just the touch of a button.

Keep your eyes peeled

Honda has blended functionality with beauty when it comes to the Civic Type R's design. The stability of the vehicle is provided by its sleek aerodynamic design, ensuring your trip is nothing but smooth. The design is bound to captivate every bystander with its flawless exterior.

Handling like never seen before

The Civic Type R comes with a sophisticated safety- and handling system, tasked with ensuring that you always have full control. Fitted with Agile Handling Assist, the vehicle provides safer handling regardless of the speed. This feature gives you more control in every corner.

Book a test drive today and prepare to be amazed by the Civic Type R.

Model Range

Civic Type R2.0 VTEC Turbo R771,600