Isuzu D-MAX E/Cab

Pricing from R425 900

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Isuzu D-MAX Extended Cab
DESIGNS Flex Doors
CONVENIENCE Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Control

Model Range


    250 HO E/CAB HI-RIDE




    300 E/CAB LX


    300 E/CAB LX AT


    300 LX 4X4


    D-Max Extended Cab

    The new Isuzu D-Max Extended Cab combines the convenience of a single cab with the functionality of a double cab, letting you maximise your business’ potential by adapting to its every possible need.

    Safety is always a top priority

    Isuzu has equipped the D-Max Extended Cab with a whole host of safety features to keep you safe without compromising on style or performance. A reinforced frame, as well as impact protection bars, will keep you safer than ever on the open road. The Isuzu D-Max's traction control and power steering will make day to day commuting effortless and enjoyable for anyone.

    Performance is key to efficiency

    Available with 4-wheel-drive rotary switch control, the Isuzu D-Max Extended Cab gives you even more options to save money on petrol. The vehicle is fitted with the best materials and technology. That’s why Isuzu has given the D-Max Extended Cab a powerful 2.5 litre diesel engine. This motor is specifically designed to keep costs down while maintaining power and performance on a daily basis. The D-Max Extended Cab is equipped with Hill Assist Control (HAC) as well as Hill Start Assist (HSA), ensuring that driving on varying gradients is easy.

    Impressive design

    The new and improved Isuzu D-Max Extended Cab is bound to turn heads everywhere it goes. A stylish front grille uses modern aerodynamics and style to give you a car that is noticeable from the minute you set your eyes on it. The D-Max Extended Cab’s robust style means that it looks and acts the part.

    Give us a call at Fury Isuzu and book a test drive in the new D-Max Extended Cab today.