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Kangoo Express Van

Versatile, adaptable and durable; the all-new Renault Kangoo Express Van is the perfect addition for a business looking to expand their operations.

A design geared to commerce

With its signature look, the new Kangoo Express Van is designed to maximise efficient loading and unloading. Equipped with both a side sliding door and an easy loading rear tailgate, the Kangoo Express Van will let you make deliveries in absolutely no time. The Kangoo Express Van is also fitted with a non-slip rubber mat, ensuring that your cargo stays secure on every trip.

Performance-focused engineering

Everything in the Kangoo Express Van is made to work. The strong 1.8 litre engine delivers ample power that can comfortably transport large deliveries. The Kangoo Express Van has a wide and low base which, in combination with its powerful brake systems, can bring the vehicle travelling at 100km/h to a stop in just 40 metres.

Model Range

Kangoo Express 16V RANGE FROM R259 900

Convenience is the key to efficiency

The cabin of the Kangoo Express Van is filled with storage space, with a central storage compartment that is perfect for A4 documents and files. Renault has included an air-conditioning system which helps when driving in hot or cold conditions.

Call us today and we’ll organise you a test drive in the Renault Kangoo Express Van.