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Suzuki Quadricycles

Over the year's quad bikes have garnered the nickname of all-terrain vehicles and Suzuki's Quadricycle range is no different, giving you a range of different quads to suit your build and lifestyle.

Adventure to the extreme

Suzuki quads are perfect for any off-road driving you can think up. A light frame combined with high torque all-wheel drive ensures that Suzuki's Quadricycle range is up to any challenge that you can throw at it. All quads in the Suzuki Quadricycle range are equipped with high strength steel mounting brackets that double as a tie-down points, letting you load up on luggage for a fun packed adventure.

Variety is the spice of life

Suzuki’s Quadricycle range offers everything from 250cc all the way to a powerful 750cc, letting you select a quad for the entire family so that everyone can get in on the fun. High visibility headlights are stock on every one of Suzuki's Quadricycles to take on the great outdoors no matter what time it is.

Keeping you comfortable

Suzuki makes use of the very best in shock absorbing technology ensuring that your ride is relaxing and invigorating no matter how rough the terrain gets.

The new Suzuki Quadricycle range is built to suit your needs.



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