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CUSTOM INTERIOR Meter Illumination Control
DESIGN Entertainment meets style
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Toyota 86

State-of-the-art aerodynamic engineering combined with a powerful new engine ensure that the Toyota 86 blows you away every time you get behind the wheel.

Sporty design with performance to match

The new Toyota 86 is equipped with its signature ‘Boxer’ 2 litre petrol engine that offers a massive power to weight ratio. The Toyota 86 is up to the challenge, the real question is, are you? A 6-speed manual gearbox lets you control your power output, letting you save on petrol with quick gearbox changes.

No compromise on luxury

Sporty cars often have stark and uncomfortable interiors but the new Toyota 86 is the epitome of luxury. Stylish and understated aluminium foot levers tie in with a chrome accented dashboard giving the Toyota 86 a sense of elegance uncommon in other cars of its class.

Safety first, safety always

All the usual safety tech is fitted in the Toyota 86 like ABS and EBD, letting you enjoy your drive without any worries. In addition to all the basic safety features Toyota has given the 86 a plethora of safety features that enhance your driving ability, such as a high-tech rear windscreen demister.

Give your life an exciting twist with the new Toyota 86.