Priced from R182 000

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Toyota Aygo

An ultra-modern shape meets an affordable price to give you the Toyota Aygo, a young and energetic car to match its driver.

Built for the city

The Toyota Aygo has a compact build with widely set wheels, giving it a low centre of gravity and making it more manoeuvrable in the tight confines of the inner city. It’s available with a slick canvas roof that lets you keep cool in the summer heat while cruising through the city. The new Aygo features a new X type grille that gives it a youthful and vibrant feel.

Fuel efficiency meets manoeuvrability

The Aygo is fitted with a small but incredibly efficient 1 litre petrol engine that is able to propel the Aygo more effectively than ever, allowing you to save on petrol. A 5-speed manual gearbox is not only responsive but offers a more economical option than most modern automatics.

Safer than ever before

The new Toyota Aygo comes standard with ABS and EBD, these features work in combination with power steering to keep you in control at all times. Side and curtain airbags are designed to optimally protect all the Aygo’s passengers in case of impact.

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Model Range



    From R182 000

    Aygo X-Play

    From R185 000

    Aygo X-Cite (Black Roof)

    From R210 600

    Aygo X-Clusiv

    From R185 000