Priced from R379 100

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SAFETY Over-Run and Speed Limiter
PERFORMANCE Top Speed (km/h)
STYLING Package trim and Tonneau cover

Toyota C-HR

Toyota has created a bold and sleek new vehicle that is capable of anything. The C-HR is a vehicle you do not want to miss out on.

That extra edge

The C-HR truly is unique in design. The exterior has been crafted with sharp lines and edges, making your vehicle stick out in the crowd. The robust rear is strong and assertive, whilst the front is aerodynamic and sleek. The alloy wheels look amazing and guarantee smooth sailings on the road. The front headlights bring out the overall amazing design of the vehicle. The C-HR stands out in a good way and will make bystander’s jaws drop.

Perfect performance

The 1.2 litre turbo engine boasts power and reliability. New features have been made to improve the overall performance of the C-HR. Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) improves acceleration but tones down on the loud noise that an engine could make. Intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT) will allow the driver to shift gears in an effortless way. The vehicle performs just as beautifully as it looks.

Delightful interior

No matter the model that you choose, the interior will always suit the driver and passenger’s needs and wants. The textures and fabrics of the seats create a luxurious feel. The driver will always have perfect visibility of the road thanks to the high-riding position. The audio system puts other to shame and the onboard screen display is easy and convenient to use.

The C-HR is a brave and bold step in the right direction. Try it out for yourself today.

Model Range


    C-HR 1.2T

    From R379 100

    C-HR 1.2T Plus

    From R411 100

    C-HR 1.2T Plus CVT

    From R423 400

    C-HR 1.2T Luxury CVT

    From R486 100