Corolla HB SC

Priced from R273 200

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SAFERTY Hill-Assist Control (HAC )
PERFORMANCE Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

Toyota Corolla

A stylish and elegant sedan that offers you the luxury that you deserve; the all-new Toyota Corolla will impress you every time you get in the driver’s seat.

Elegance to the max

The new Toyota Corolla makes use of an elongated body and sleek mouldings that give it a sense of style uncommon among other vehicles of its class. An eye-catching bold grille works together with assertive alloy rims to give the Toyota Corolla a sense of authority and strength. Sculpted to be as aerodynamic as possible, the Toyota Corolla is a feat of engineering and design genius.

The choice is in your hands

Toyota offers the Corolla in a variety of sizes, offering everything from compact 1.2 litre to a powerful 1.8 litre petrol engine. MacPherson front suspension keeps your ride smooth, allowing you to arrive comfortable and relaxed after even the bumpiest roads while 6-speed manual gearbox gives you the power to suit your driving style.

Comfortable and convenient

Comfortable seat upholstery is up to the test of time ensuring that you and the family arrive in refreshing comfort.

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Model Range


    Corolla 1.2T Xs

    From R384 000

    Corolla 1.2T Xs Bi-T

    From R395 100

    Corolla 1.2 Xs CVT

    From R396 000

    Corolla 1.2T Xs CVT Bi-T

    From R407 100

    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT

    From R442 400

    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT Bi-T

    From R453 500