Corolla HB

Priced from R391,700

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Corolla HB Introducing the Corolla HB
A Spirited Drive Inline-four petrol engine with turbocharger
A Sense of Style A cabin designed for your comfort
A Safe Drive Pre-Collision System

Corolla Hatch

The brand-new Corolla Hatch is here, and it has everything that a driver could want. Performance, design and style have been updated to enhance your drive and fit into your lifestyle.

Sublime style

Inside and out, the new Corolla Hatch has never looked better. The exterior has a sleek design and shape, allowing the vehicle to glide across the streets. Every feature caters to the passengers’ comfort and convenience. Glossy paint, beautifully crafted headlights and alloy wheels give the Corolla Hatch a fresh feel. The new Corolla Hatch is filled to the brim with innovative technology and expert design to add to the overall style.

Perform anywhere and anytime

Go the distance with the Corolla Hatch. With this all-new compact car, you will always reach your destination with no hassle. A 1.2 litre engine and standard turbocharger allows for amazing acceleration and speed, while the Sequential Shiftmatic control is there to improve handling.

Take a step in the right direction

Every journey in the new Corolla Hatch will be one without worries. Various features have been installed to keep your travels secure and your vehicle safe. Examples of this commitment include the Hill-Assist Control (HAC) and Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC), here to maintain the driver’s control of the vehicle on even the toughest roads.

Contact us to book a test drive and experience something better with the Corolla Hatch.

Model Range

    Corolla 1.2T Xs R391,700
    Corolla 1.2T Xs Bi-T R403,000
    Corolla 1.2T Xs CVT R403,900
    Corolla 1.2T Xs CVT Bi-T R415,200
    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT R451,200
    Corolla 1.2T XR CVT Bi-T R462,600