Priced from R589,700

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Fortuner Introducing the Fortuner
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Toyota Fortuner

Presenting the ultimate city-sleek vehicle. The all-new Toyota Fortuner is ideal to suit your urban lifestyle.

Enhanced performance

The all-new reimagined Toyota Fortuner enables you to effortlessly switch between rocky terrains and glide between cities with a 6-speed manual and auto transmission. The new diesel engine with an enhanced power and torque output across the range delivers superior performance to the Fortuner’s fame that will have you gasping for breath. Low fuel consumption ensures that the luxurious ride won’t cost you a fortune; perfect for a bit of extra wining and dining.

Sleek new design for ultimate luxury

The seductively sleek new design of the all-new Toyota Fortuner will have you turning heads wherever you go. A higher body axis and reimagined chrome-plated LED and bi-halogen headlamps create an ethereal image that leads the way in the modern vehicle design. Step into a five-star worthy luxurious interior complete with high-class black leather seats, thick metallic accents and wood grain-patterned inserts. For the ultimate luxurious experience, the Fortuner guarantees to make you feel like a million bucks.

Classic Freedom

Reimagine what you define as luxury and class with the all-new Toyota Fortuner. Test drive yours today. Freedom awaits.

Model Range

    Fortuner 2.4 GD6 RB MT R589,700
    Fortuner 2.4 GD6 RB AT R611,800
    Fortuner 2.4 GD6 4x4 AT R641,700
    Fortuner 2.8 GD6 RB AT R721,200
    Fortuner 2.8 GD6 4x4 AT R793,700
    Fortuner 2.8 GD6 RB VX AT R741,900
    Fortuner 2.8 GD6 4x4 VX AT R814,400