Land Cruiser 200

Priced from R1,175,800

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Land Cruiser 200 Introducing the Land Cruiser 200
TECHNOLOGY Lane Keeping System
SAFETY Wireless Door Lock

Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Stretch the limits with the all-new Toyota Land Cruiser 200; the vehicle that will take you places.

Easy on the eyes

The all-new Land Cruiser 200 has a robust and aggressive appearance that demands attention. Command the off-roads with the bullish, masculine edges of the GX-R Model or glide over hellish terrain in the softer, more feminine VX-R Model. Electronically adjustable side mirrors with memory function can be heated to ensure visibility in even the foggiest of areas. The Land Cruiser 200 encourages you to live a little.

No terrain is off limits

Power through the wild landscapes of Africa in the all-new Land Cruiser 200. The 4.5 litre engine roars with 195kW of power while the torque distribution (650Nm) is transferred between the front and the rear axles through the centre-fitted Torsen LSD. Scale the uphill with the Crawl Control setting and effortlessly manoeuvre down riverbeds using the Multi-Terrain Select function which instantly changes the vehicle's settings to match the current road conditions.

Exceed expectations

Be the family favourite with wireless door locks, seatbelt anchors and rear-door child protection. Taking the whole family on an adventure is now a breeze.

Go big or stay at home. Reach your dreams with the all-new Land Cruiser 200.

Model Range

    Land Cruiser 200 4.5D V8 GX-R AT R1,175,800
    Land Cruiser 200 4.5D V8 VX-R Black AT R1,638,700
    Land Cruiser 200 4.5D V8 VX-R Beige 6AT R1,638,700