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Prius Introducing the Prius
SAFETY Centre Rear Seatbelt
TECHNOLOGY Seat Lumbar Support

Toyota Prius

Are you looking for a reliable vehicle that is stylish, safe and advanced? Look no further than Toyota’s very own Prius.

All eyes on you

The Prius has been expertly designed for style, functionality and comfort. So many new additions have been made to the exterior. The X grille has been revamped and looks better than ever. The glossy paint is fresh and extremely sleek, no matter which model you choose. Halogen headlights are included as well as LED Daytime Running Lights (DRL). The interior provides comfort and entertainment via Bluetooth, Aux and audio systems. Inside or out, the Prius impresses.

Safe ventures

You and your family and friends will feel extremely safe inside the Prius. Curtain, side and front airbags have been installed. No harm will get through to you. A variety of features have also been built in. Hill-Assist Control (HAC) and Vehicle-Stability Control (VSC) keep your car from losing any sense of control. You will never feel vulnerable in the Prius.

Keep it moving

The 1.0 litre engine has reduced fuel consumption and improved on CO2 emissions. The vehicle can take you further, whilst keeping the environment clean. Power and torque will never be a problem as the high-quality engine has been made to send your Prius soaring across the road.

Everything you ever wanted can be found in the new Prius. Book a test drive today.